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We Appreciate Your Referrals!

Dear Esteemed Dental Colleagues,

We want to help! Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics of Livermore is dedicated to continuing to be your premier resource for pediatric dentistry in the East Bay.

Our doctors are board-certified pediatric specialists with considerable experience treating both healthy children, special needs children, and teens of all cooperation levels. We have greatly appreciated the trust you have shown us by referring children to our office over the past years. This partnership is extremely important because we know you expect conservative, compassionate, and quality care for each child you refer to our office. We ask that you continue to think of us as a resource when you come across a child whose needs are outside your comfort zone.

For all our referring practices, our promises are the following:

  • Personalized communication about treatment needs and completed treatment
  • A conservative, minimally invasive approach whenever possible
  • Safe, effective, and wide variety of treatment modalities (Tell-Show-Do, N2O, Versed Oral Conscious Sedation, and general anesthesia). All general anesthesia cases are performed with experienced, board-certified anesthesiologists who travel from Children’s Hospital of Oakland
  • Your patients referred to us for treatment only, will be referred back to you
  • Never commenting negatively about the treatment plan or work of another office
  • We often use the phrase, “You are in great hands with your current dentist. They knew exactly when to refer you to our practice for treatment, and we trust them to continue to take great care of you. If you need to see us again, we know your dentist will refer you back if it is necessary.”


We look forward to serving you for a very long time and earning your respect through caring for your patients.

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